Our Focus

  • Investments

    As independent advisers, we are not restricted to any one company when determining which investments or companies to utilize for your planning. Your situation dictates the investments, not a parent company.

  • Insurance

    We are independently appointed with dozens of insurance companies. In our experience, no particular company has superior products for every unique client scenario. Acting as independent advisers allows us the freedom to search many offerings on our clients' behalf.

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement plans can be as complex as defined benefit pension plans and restricted stock option programs, or as simple as a basic CD-IRA account. With so many types of programs, it is a primary focus of ours to educate clients about the relevant plans for them specifically and distill the complexities down to layman's terms.

  • Taxation

    Part of our mission with every client is to be as tax-efficient as laws permit. Many of the financial products and programs that people utilize over the balance of their lifetime involve numerous tax rules to consider. Developing plans that allow for tax efficiency is sometimes laborious, but often very rewarding and beneficial to our clients. To learn more about the tax preparation services we offer:


Planning Overview

The types of financial products utilized in the process of constructing a plan are dictated by the client. After careful consideration of numerous variables such as risk tolerance, time horizon, past experience, taxation, and many other factors, the most appropriate types of financial product offerings can be determined.


Common Planning Concerns

  • Long-Term Care / Elder Care Planning

    A growing concern we discuss routinely is the planning for late stages of life. Many of us have had the misfortune of experiencing the necessity of either skilled nursing, assisted living, or round-the-clock nursing home confinement for a loved one. Sadly, most wait too long when the most ideal planning is no longer possible. There are often strategies that can still be utilized, but addressing this topic early is highly advisable.

  • Outliving Retirement Savings

    Many people use retirement calculators that are ubiquitous among finance based websites. These are useful, but usually don't factor in all the variables relevant to you in order to give an accurate representation. Proper perspective is paramount when it comes to retirement planning. Setting goals involves factors that are sometimes difficult to quantify without a discussion. We have the benefit of having worked with many peope in all stages of retirement.

  • Reducing Taxes

    At the heart of all financial planning is taxation. It's a topic that is unavoidable to most everyone in our country. Taxes are not avoidable, but they can often be reduced, delayed, or at a minimum become more manageable with proper planning. We work closely with our clients' chosen tax and legal professionals in order to offer financial planning services and advice that takes into account clients' important tax considerations and consequences. For clients who need tax preparation services, Porter Tax Preparation Services LLC is conveniently located in our same office suite. To learn more about the tax preparation services offered by Porter Tax Preparation Services LLC: CLICK HERE!

  • Inflation

    Inflation is a topic that, unfortunately, should be at or near the top of priorities when it comes to financial planning. This is the silent killer of a poorly constructed financial plan as it is always competing with you whether you like it or not. The average annual inflation rate in the U.S. over the last 100 years is approximately 3%*. To put it simply, the money you have today will buy only about 97% worth of the exact same things a year from now and so on. Just to maintain exactly the same amount of money you have now, you have to earn a minimum of around 3% interest to break even. In 1990, the average U.S. car cost approximately $9,437.00*, new home $128,732*, and first class stamp $.25*. The dramatic effect of inflation is how much these same items cost today. (*sources: Inflation - http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/inflation-cpi, cost of goods - http://www.inthe90s.com/prices.shtml)

  • Proper Allocation

    Allocation is a topic that most everyone that has a retirement plan has dealt with. It is often a decision making process that is rarely done or forgotten about all together, typically after signing up for an employer's retirement plan or opening an investment account. Proper allocation is essential to keep performance in line with expectations.